Transaction Valuations

DiFilippo Corporate Finance Group professionals have provided hundreds of independent and objective valuation opinions of mergers, acquisitions, asset purchases, corporate debt and equity financings, joint ventures, and shareholder related matters. Our transaction and capital markets support services include:

Buy Side Investors

  • Provide pre-deal assessment of target assets:
    • Enterprise Value Range
    • Identify key value drivers
    • Measure incremental value resulting from increased growth/profitability of managing target assets
    • Identify and value synergies
    • Quantify value of tax attributes in transactions
    • Earnings Accretion/Dilution Analysis
    • Value contingent consideration
  • Financial and business modeling or target and combined entity

Sell Side Investors

  • Valuation of acquirer’s equity in share consideration transactions or for exchange ratio planning
  • Perform due diligence on buyer
  • Perform valuation of seller’s assets for planning purposes
  • Shareholder Buy-in/Buyouts
  • Provide valuation opinions of subject equity for tax and corporate planning purposes.
  • Provide valuation range for negotiation purposes
  • Assist in developing valuation parameters for shareholder buy-in/buy outs

Private Equity, Debt Funds, and Venture Funds

  • Intellectual property valuation for lending purposes
  • Enterprise or asset valuations for debt investment funds for lending committee approval

Public Equity or Debt Offerings

  • Perform valuations of equity grants issued prior to public registration
  • Perform valuation of embedded derivatives and determine debt/equity allocation of hybrid instruments
  • Write fair value disclosures related for SEC S-1 registration statements
  • Respond to SEC inquiries regarding fair value inquiries